Service your Personal Computer,
For a longer life






PC Service

Is your machine running slow? Service your computer so that it operates faster and has a longer life!.



Need a new network set-up, a current one maintained or updated, Or do you simply want to improve your existing home or business network. Get in touch today and find out what I can do for you.


Server Setup and Support

If it is a small home media or backup sever on a budget, or a solid central work machine for your business, I will listen to what exactly you need and will offer the perfect solution to fulfil the requirements.


Advise / Consulting

Are you a home user looking to make a new purchase but are confused with all the Tech and Spec? Or a business looking to purchase new hardware for your new office. I can help you tackle those difficult decisions. 


Technical Support

Assisting you with your issue in real time remotely or on site. On site support is offered only in Switzerland in the Luzern, Zug and Zurich regions. Global remote assistance


IT Project Managment

Using the application of my knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet the your defined project requirements.



Either in real time or personally developed for you and presented on YouTube, I will create a custom step by step to help teach you, answer all your questions and solve your issues


Remote Desktop Support

Using various tools, I can remotely connect to your computer, and teach, configure, install, or solve your IT related issue.



Hardware Building

Using my vast experience and knowledge of technical hardware, I build machines to perform a specific purpose with in your budget and requirements.


Malicious Software Removal

If you have a virus, Malware Adware or any nascence software. I will eradicate it from your system and take measure to ensure it does not come back.



Data Recovery

Got a damaged disk, or some files stuck? Delete something by accident. Get in touch and let me asses the damage. There is a very good possibility that I can recover your data for you.


Backup Solutions

Depending on the environment and the budget you have, I can offer and or assist with the implementation of the perfect backup solution to meet your needs.